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CyberArk Labs Publishes New Privileged Credential Theft Research

April 2018 by CyberArk

CyberArk released new research from CyberArk Labs introducing credential theft foresight as an effective approach to identifying network weak spots likely to expose privileged credentials to compromise.

The report, “Predicting Risk: Credential Theft Foresight,” examines how privilege escalation can be detected and neutralized, and how future risk can be prevented. This approach enables organizations to minimize the attack surface and improve their overall security posture.

The research identifies “HotSpots” and “ColdSpots” as indicators of weak areas on a network that are likely to be attacked. Organizations have an average 5.5 HotSpots, which are areas predictably vulnerable to attack that act as bottlenecks for dozens of potential attack vectors, on their networks at any given time. They also have an average 37 ColdSpots, which are machines hosting privileged accounts that could be targeted by attackers in an attempt to escalate privileges.

The research details:
• Credential theft foresight as a significant defensive advantage over traditional security tools like vulnerability scanners and intrusion detection systems
• The multi-step process for identifying and mitigating HotSpots and ColdSpots
• Two use cases in applying credential theft risk mitigation techniques

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