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Cyber kill-chain disruption with hypervisor memory introspection

October 2018 by Patrick LEBRETON

In this webinar, we explore the untapped security potential of modern virtualization platforms by discussing Virtual Machine Introspection concepts, security capabilities, existing projects and implementations in hypervisor platforms such as open-source Xen and KVM, and how they satisfy NIST recommendations published under SP-800-125A - "Security Recommendations for Hypervisor Deployment.

Join experts from NIST, Citrix, and Bitdefender as they discuss hypervisor-level security and why it is critical to protecting organizations from advanced targeted attacks.


- Kurt Roemer (Chief Security Strategist, Citrix)
- Ramaswamy Chandramouli (Computer Scientist, NIST)
- Andrei Florescu (Group Product Manager, Datacenter, Bitdefender)

Learn the following:

- Fundamental principles and value of hypervisor-level security and how it fits with other security technologies you may be using
- How hypervisor introspection can help you satisfy NIST’s "Security Recommendations for Hypervisor Deployment†published under SP-800-125A
- Real-life examples and best practices from commercial and government organizations

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