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Cyber Security snalysis of Kaseya breach

July 2021 by Erwan Keraudy, CEO, CybelAngel

Following the news that REvil ransomware gang has executed a mass supply chain attack through management provider Kaseya, Erwan Keraudy, CybelAngel CEO comments the following:

“It’s not the first time a ransomware gang has attacked a service provider, but it’s the biggest attack by far. Like most large attacks, they struck during a major holiday when companies are least prepared for incident response."

Cybercriminals attacking victims through a supplier is an ongoing trend that we’ve observed over the last few years. We have seen that with each and every case that occurs, the magnitude of attacks is increasing. This is largely attributed to the fact that, as an organisation’s supply chain and digital ecosystems expand, their attack surface grows exponentially along with it. In a few months from now, attacks like SolarWinds may look comparatively small.

Ransomware can’t be called a hypothetical, systemic risk anymore. It’s now a systemic issue that is only getting bigger. This is yet another clear illustration of how cybersecurity impacts physical security and the daily lives of all of us, at scale.

Unfortunately, we expect more and more cases like this to occur. As companies increasingly entrust a large part of their services to single points of failure - think AWS or Google - this is becoming a problem and as such, companies become targets of choice.

This instance like many, highlights the increasing need for early threat detection capabilities and "ransomware preparedness". Businesses urgently need to get ahead of threats before attackers beat them to it”.

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