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Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics tool Picviz Inspector Relaunches as INENDI Inspector

January 2016 by Marc Jacob

ESI confirms its determination to become a significant actor in the market of Cyber Security. French start-up Picviz Labs is better known for “Picviz Inspector”, its visual Log Investigation tool used across governmental organizations, banking, legal, pharmaceutical / biotechnology sectors. In April 2015, French simulation software editor ESI Group acquired the assets of PicViz Labs to reinforce its offering with Cyber Security and Big Data management, responding to the need of its customers to perform virtual product engineering at an increasingly large scale

At the time of the acquisition, Alain de Rouvray, CEO, ESI Group, commented: “For ESI Group’s core market, Picviz Labs visual solutions add a powerful capability to smartly navigate the ocean of data generated by increasingly large and complex digital models, and to reveal the wealth of knowledge deeply buried and consequentially often undetected and wasted. Picviz Labs’ technology constitutes a remarkable and exceptionally clever innovation which strengthens operational intelligence by visually identifying important and hidden issues.”

Indeed, for ESI as for some experts in Cyber Security, Picviz’s innovative Visualization solution stands out as a unique and indispensable complement to the classical approach based on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software. Providing pattern based alerts, but limited investigation functionalities, this classical approach is useful but far from being enough to face today’s fast evolving Cyber Risk or to address the emerging needs of ESI’s customers to investigate simulation data.

Facing first the challenges in the Cyber Security sector, ESI is investing significantly in a new solution platform, named INENDI, which is rooted in the legacy of Picviz Labs. Philippe Saadé, co-founder of Picviz Labs and current Director of the Big Data Analytics Business Unit at ESI, comments: “Today’s cyber-attacks tend to become increasingly elaborated. Protection tools are frequently unable to detect these attacks because the traditional approach cannot evolve fast enough. There are too many grey areas, too many unknown risks and too much unexplored information. Deep Investigation of large amount of Logs is required. Today, companies need IT infrastructures that demonstrate the human’s ability to discover the unknown. INENDI makes this approach successful.”

At this time, ESI is proud to launch “INENDI Inspector”; its Log and Data Investigation solution. At the same time ESI announces the launch of Managed Services that will enable the most demanding IT infrastructures and companies handling sensitive information to benefit from the human investigation of Logs. This service is an ideal complement to the type of work done by a Cyber Security Operation Center (SOC) or a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

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