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Cyber Attack Targets Israel’s Water Supply – Analysis & Recommendations

April 2020 by Radiflow

On April 26 the leading Israeli news site YNET reported that water and wastewater facilities in Israel were subject to cyber attacks during the previous week.

According to the article, officials at the National Water Authority stated that they had received a number of reports regarding cyber attacks on OT systems, which caused no damage. In addition, all water providers were required to change passwords to operational systems and to harden Internet-facing connections to operational environments.

In this Special Report, Radiflow CPO Michael Langer provides analysis of the incident based on available information and prior attacks on water facilities, as well as:

● Review of international regulations for cyber-securing water and wastewater facilities
● Precedents for cyber-attacks on critical water infrastructures
● General recommendations for mitigation and hardening OT networks
● Using a Managed Security Services Provides (MSSP) in lieu of setting up an in-house OT security operation
● OT Security solutions by Radiflow

Radiflow now offers a 90-day trial of its iSID Industrial Threat Detection & Monitoring System to help OT operators protect their networks during the COVID19 outbreak.

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