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Cryptosmart certified EAL4+ by the ANSSI

October 2012 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

ERCOM announces that its Cryptosmart Applet V5.0 has been granted an EAL4+ certification by the ANSSI (“Autorité Nationale de Sécurité des Systèmes d’Informations”) according to the Common Criteria.

ERCOM protects smartphones, laptops and remote locations against eavesdropping and network attacks. Its Cryptosmart products family is based on a patented technology which relies on a specific application embedded in a smartcard. Known as the Cryptosmart Applet, this application and its underlying smartcard are the core elements to provide high security.

Such certification is done according to the Common Criteria. Security tests have been pursued by an independent audit laboratory to make sure that the claims of the security target have been achieved.

The newly EAL4+ certified Cryptosmart Applet is embedded in the Cryptosmart V5.0 products:
- Cryptosmart Mobile Suite for Android™ - protection of smartphones against lost/theft, eavesdropping and network attacks.
- Cryptosmart PC Suite – protection of WindowsⓇ PC against interception, strong authentication and interoperability with third party applications.
- Cryptosmart BOX – IPSec protection based on smartcards.
- Cryptosmart Gateway – security appliance to interconnect remote terminals and locations with the corporate network.
- Cryptosmart CardManager – smartcard management tool interoperable with third party PKI to provide full cryptographic independence to the customers.

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