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Crédit Agricole selects GrIDsure to transform authentication process

May 2010 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

GrIDsure announced that its unique authentication system has been chosen by the FNCA (National Crédit Agricole Federation) to provide a secure yet simple security solution for more than 3,000 senior employees across France.

The FNCA is the national body that represents the regional branches of Crédit Agricole. It provides its regional branches with services such as professional training and human resource management, and was looking for a tool that would help improve ID authentication and security for the relevant authenticated executives and managers from the Crédit Agricole group, without adding to their administrative burden. Crédit Agricole began integrating the GrIDsure solution 18 months ago after a strict selection procedure that began with an initial pilot study of 25 employees.

GrIDsure’s security solution is based on a groundbreaking yet simple invention that allows users to authenticate themselves by remembering a pre-defined sequential pattern on a grid. Each time the user needs to authenticate their identity they are presented with a challenge grid with randomly generated numbers across it, and they authenticate themselves by entering the numbers that refer to their personal identification pattern (PIP).

The GrIDsure solution is effective against shoulder-surfing attacks. This system is similarly resistant to attacks from malware designed to intercept the user’s keystrokes. Moreover, with a 4 cell PIP within a 5x5 grid offering more than 390,000 Personal Identification Pattern permutations (compared to only 10,000 PIN possibilities).

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