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Comments from Fujitsu - National Crime Agency comments on "losing the cyber arms race"

July 2016 by Fujitsu

Following the news on how the National Crime Agency has stated that businesses are losing the "cyber arms race", Rob Norris, Director of Enterprise & Cyber Security in EMEIA at Fujitsu, comments:

"As the technical capabilities of cyber-criminals continue to outpace the UK’s ability to deal with cyber threats, it’s obvious that many businesses still need a rude-awakening to the threat of cyber-attacks.

"With a continuing growth of DDoS attacks, insider threats and phishing scams expected this year, organisations must not rely alone on defensive solutions. Instead they should take the fight to cyber-criminals themselves before they can act. Using threat intelligence and other information sources, businesses can remain one step ahead by proactively looking for vulnerabilities in their network. Alongside this should sit a clear and well-rehearsed incident management plan, addressing internal and external communication in addition to containment and recovery activities.

"As the sophistication and regularity of security attacks continue to increase, it has never been more important for organisations to put security at the very top of the boardroom agenda."

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