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Comments from Fujitsu - Mumsnet cyber attack

August 2015 by Paul McEvatt, Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager in UK and Ireland at Fujitsu

Paul McEvatt, Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager in UK and Ireland at Fujitsu: “The new hack on Mumsnet is the latest in a long line of cyber-attacks we are continuing to see in today’s digital world. The fact that hackers were able to knock the site offline for the third time as part of a DDoS attack highlights how motivated cybercriminals are and why organisations need to be doing more as the reliance on digital services grows.

“According to Fujitsu’s recent research, more than one in five of us will now always use a digital service when it is offered by an organisation. Yet, despite the surge in usage, concerns still remain. Of the 12% of UK consumers who said they never use digital services when offered to them, the second highest reason given for this was security concerns.

“To prepare for a potential attack, it’s vital organisations move to a proactive approach focusing on the integration of threat intelligence and other information sources to provide the context necessary to deal with today’s advanced cyber threats. Implementing a strong security education programme underpinned by a robust security framework will allow companies to get on the front foot in combating these types of threats.”

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