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Comments from Arbor - New PwC study

February 2016 by Arbor Networks

Following the launch of PwC’s latest study that reveals one in four UK companies have fallen victim to cyber-attacks, please see below comments from Yaroslav Rosomakho, Channel Solutions Manager, Advanced Threats at Arbor Networks:

“The news from PwC that one in four UK companies have been attacked by cyber criminals is no surprise. In fact, we believe this figure is far too low.”

“Threats are evolving at an alarming rate with the average attack 60 times more powerful than a decade ago as highlighted in our recent Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report. We are more connected and reliant on technology than ever before, and as a result, the number of routes for an attack is increasing exponentially. In this new landscape, it’s clear that companies must do more as attackers continue to evolve.”

“Organisations need to be vigilant and ensure they have the right security in place to deal with hackers. What’s becoming essential, especially for larger organisations and high-value targets, is having the ability to detect and contain threats quickly – even when they make it past the perimeter defences. This isn’t all about technology – although having the right tools helps – people and process are key in this.”

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