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Comments from Arbor Networks - Ashley Madison data dump

August 2015 by Arbor Networks

Following the news that hackers have dumped Ashley Madison data online, please see below comments from Darren Anstee, Chief Security Technologist at Arbor Networks:

“This hack on Ashley Madison is the latest in a long line of cyber-attacks we have seen over the last six months. The fact that hackers were able to access not only users’ records but the financial records of Avid Life Media, extracting a significant amount of data, is testament to the fact that companies need to be doing more as threats evolve. Although the (in)fidelity of the data has yet to be confirmed, organisations do need to invest more in their abilities to proactively identify threats that are already inside their networks, identifying unusual activities and trends in traffic.

“In today’s threat landscape it’s essential for any target that has data that maybe valuable to an attacker to have the ability to detect, validate and contain threats quickly – attackers will make it past perimeter defences, and we should expect this, what we need to do is stop them before they achieve their goals. This isn’t all about technology – although having the right tools helps – people and process are key.”

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