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Comment: iPhone leak and insider threats

September 2017 by Jason Allaway, VP UK and Ireland, RES now Ivanti

Following the latest iPhone leak, the comment below from Jason Allaway, VP UK and Ireland at RES now Ivanti, exploring the threat posed by insiders when it comes to sensitive data and information.

Apple has been hit with what many describe as the biggest leak of its kind - and while it is still yet to be confirmed, the sharing of obscure URL addresses leading to the ’Golden Master’ code point to this being a deliberate act.

Whether this is the case or not, there are lessons that all businesses - even giants like Apple - need to adhere to. There are a variety of systems that can be put in place in order to help, but the most important thing is having technology that is contextually-aware. If your security systems can understand what positions and rights employees hold within the organisation, then issues can often be headed off before they cause any damage. For example, the URLs in question should have been flagged immediately if they were being sent to an address outside the network. Apple, from previous leaks, seems to be aware of the problem - now it must focus on ensuring that it has the technology to match.

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