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Comment from cyber expert on cybercriminals attempting to sabotage a Premier League transfer deal

July 2020 by Matt Aldridge, Principal Solutions Architect at Webroot

This morning that revealed that cybercriminals recently tried to sabotage a Premier League transfer deal.

The commentary from cyber expert Matt Aldridge, Principal Solutions Architect at Webroot :

“This hack highlights how cybercriminals are increasingly targeting high profile industries with email scams. In this case, it seems a legitimate corporate email account has been broken into and the hacker has impersonated the real owner and attempted to defraud a club or agent into sending money to the attacker. These email scams are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. We’ve witnessed new advanced variants even implementing features such as voice fraud, whereby an accurate deepfake voice is created of a company’s CEO, for example, to try and convince other companies or employees to comply with an urgent financial request. Sports companies need to ensure their defences are watertight both on and off the field of play. This should involve proper and regular cybersecurity training of all personnel within the company, to ensure that individuals are vigilant in scrutinising the types of emails they receive. It’s crucial that the same quality of training is provided to everyone from the intern to the CEO and members of the board, and this should be underpinned by technology such as email filtering, anti-virus protection, and strong password policies.”

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