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Comment from Fujitsu on research revealing biometrics is now the preferred security method for UK consumers

June 2017 by Anthony Duffy, Director of Retail Banking, UK and Ireland at Fujitsu

In light of the news released by Mastercard and University of Oxford this afternoon that biometrics has become consumers preferred method of passwords, Anthony Duffy, Director of Retail Banking, UK and Ireland at Fujitsu, comments:

“The news that biometric authentication is now consumers’ preferred choice for their financial services security is further evidence that biometric technologies are coming of age. Biometric solutions have been used overseas for many years, with Brazilian, Japanese and Turkish banks all using Fujitsu biometric solutions to support day-to-day banking transactions. However, it is only recently that British banks have started to deploy the technology on a significant scale. We are seeing a growing confidence in the security and effectiveness of biometric technologies, perhaps in part brought about by both Android and Apple mobile devices using finger/thumb print scanner technology as an unlocking option. After all, as the technology goes from new to familiar, there’s a natural acceptance and understanding, which breaks down previous barriers to entry.

“Financial institutions are keen to enhance their security measures further and to improve customer service. Biometric technologies, by being unique to the individual, help achieve both goals. Their use often reduces the use of passwords, or even eliminates them altogether, while often also providing an audit trail. When deployed to help identify customers, their use can speed up the identification and log-on process, by removing the need for security questions.

“The reliability, security and accuracy of biometrics make them ideal for banking. Add to that the widespread adoption of biometrics on mobile devices, and it’s clear the technology is set to flourish. Consequently, at Fujitsu, we believe that the use of biometrics in banking is something we will see much more of in coming years.”

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