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Comment: Data Privacy Protection Day (Thursday 28th)

January 2021 by Oliver Cronk, Chief IT Architect, EMEA, Tanium

In relation to Data Privacy Protection Day next Thursday, Oliver Cronk, Chief IT Architect at Tanium, has provided the below commentary around how businesses can improve their data privacy and remove sensitive data blind spots.

“Much of the focus around data protection involves securing large, database-driven systems. However, it’s still common for organisations to have what I call ‘sensitive data blind spots’. This is where important data & intellectual property is stored on ‘weak links’ in security like remote computing devices connected to the company network (endpoints).

"With this in mind, organisations need to remember that data is likely to end up in places they don’t want or expect it to, so they need to have visibility across endpoints to ensure that sensitive data is fully tracked across what are often complex IT environments.

"Technology now exists which uses pattern matching to identify sensitive data, such as financial payment information, based on the unique format each type of data is stored in. This helps organisations understand where their valuable data assets are held across the IT estate, providing an additional safety net in addition to staff manually classifying documents that hold sensitive data. This is traditionally the method organisations have used to prevent sensitive data loss. Whatever the method, the most important thing is that organisations ensure they identify sensitive, high-value data across their entire network to ensure it’s secure, private and compliant with regulations – and that issues can be quickly remediated if something does go wrong.”

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