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Cloudflare Partners with Databricks

June 2023 by Marc Jacob

Cloudflare, Inc. announced a partnership with Databricks, the data and AI company, to enable organizations to safely, simply, and affordably share and collaborate on live data. With Cloudflare and Databricks, joint customers can eliminate the complexity and dynamic costs that stand in the way of the full potential of multi-cloud analytics and AI initiatives.

Databricks is driven by the mission to help data teams solve the world’s toughest problems, and enabling organizations to safely share and collaborate on data is critical to achieving that mission. However many organizations still struggle to share data across clouds, customers, teams, and with partners — they often use restrictive platforms and face maintenance burdens, exorbitant egress costs, and a lack of security. This becomes especially costly for organizations seeking to leverage AI, who are constantly moving massive training data sets across different clouds in search of GPUs, racking up massive egress fees in the process. Databricks’ Delta Sharing, the industry’s first open protocol for secure data sharing, makes it simple to share data across teams, and with other organizations, regardless of which computing platforms they use.

Databricks will now support Delta Sharing from Cloudflare R2, Cloudflare’s zero egress, distributed object storage offering. This seamless integration enables data teams to share live data sets in R2 easily and efficiently, eliminating the need for complex data transfers or duplications of data sets, and with zero egress fees. This will enable joint customers to ensure they’re sharing the most up to date data sets with their partners, suppliers, and lines of businesses, without compromising security and privacy, and without unpredictable, surprise egress fees.

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