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Clinic based in Dubai Entrusted Matrix Telecom Solutions for Effortless Management of Patient’s Appointments

August 2017 by Marc Jacob

Matrix, a trusted brand for Telecom and Security solutions, satisfies the communication needs of Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Retail Chains with a wide range of solutions. The solution portfolio includes innovative Unified Communication Servers, reliable IP-PBX, ergonomic User Terminals and intelligent GSM and VOIP Gateways. With such a diverse range of solutions and products Matrix is serving global customer base spread across 50+ countries.

Recently, Matrix in association with Technowave International L.L.C., helped a leading clinic based in Dubai to effectively manage their routine operations. The popular sports clinic in Dubai offers avant-grade healthcare services. The clinicians booked appointments on first come first serve basis through calls and walk-ins. There were many instances where the patients who pre-booked appointments through calls didn’t turn up, as a result of which the patients present in the clinic couldn’t meet the doctor. Lack of an effective call management system did not allow clinicians to filter details of patients who frequently didn’t attend pre-booked appointments leading to losses. Therefore, the clinic was in search of a solution to mitigate the issue of regular loss.

Matrix, living up to the trust laid by the clinic, designed a solution with IP-PBX at the center. The single chassis of IP-PBX supports trunks as well as the extensions, helping clinicians manage their calling activities. The IP-PBX offered with Computer Telephony Integration was integrated with the Hospital Management Software. CTI integration with HMS database enabled officials to view details of an incoming call, avoid booking appointments of those who didn’t turn up and save doctor’s and patient’s time.

A brief overview of the case is as follows:

• Keeping Track of Patients Frequently Missing Pre-booked Appointment
• Save Charges Incurring because of Patients not Showing up
• Unavailability of Appointment Slots for a Genuine Caller
• No Data to Structure a Cancellation Policy

• ETERNITY NE – An IP-PBX with Compact Footprints
• CTI Interface to Achieve Integration between IP-PBX and Hospital Management Software

• Details of Caller on Receptionist’s Desktop
• Prioritizing Appointments based on Previous Encounter
• Charge Clients for Missed Appointments
• Frame a Cancellation Policy based on Data Available from CTI and HMS Integration

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