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Checkmarx announced its CheckAI Plugin for ChatGPT

July 2023 by Marc Jacob

Checkmarx announced its CheckAI Plugin for ChatGPT, the industry’s first plugin to detect and prevent potential attacks against ChatGPT-generated code. The plugin enables developers and security teams to protect against attacks caused by malicious open source packages and dependencies while working within the ChatGPT interface.

With the CheckAI Plugin for ChatGPT in combination with Supply Chain Threat Intelligence from Checkmarx, CISOs and application security leaders can ensure that development teams take advantage of time-saving GenAI tools like ChatGPT while remaining aligned and compliant with AppSec standards.
Within a highly productive environment featuring a superior developer experience, development teams can readily:
• Scan their GPT-generated code for vulnerabilities within the ChatGPT interface
• Receive instant feedback on potential vulnerabilities or validation of open source packages
• Employ protection against malicious open source packages

Working within the ChatGPT interface, developers can seamlessly search GPT-generated code for open source vulnerabilities and malicious packages.

In December of 2022, Checkmarx AppSec security researchers discovered a vulnerability in the OpenAI signup process that could have allowed unlimited credit on new accounts. The team reported the vulnerability to OpenAI, who rapidly worked to resolve it. OpenAI is a research and development company with a mission to create safe and powerful AI that benefits all of humanity.

The CheckAI Plugin for ChatGPT is available as part of the ChatGPT plugins beta – which is currently available to all ChatGPT Plus users – and protects against malicious packages and open source dependencies. Additional use cases, such as prompt protection, IaC validations, API validation and more will be added as part of planned future releases.

CheckAI is powered by Checkmarx One, the industry’s most comprehensive application security platform, together with Checkmarx’ Supply Chain Threat Intelligence for detecting malicious open source packages. Purpose-built for cloud-native application development, Checkmarx One is highly scalable and integrates seamlessly with developers’ tools and development environments of choice.

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