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Check Point Software Warns Against Highly Organised Black Basta Ransomware Gang

October 2022 by Check Point

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. is warning businesses in the UK to stay vigilant against Black Basta, a highly organised cybercrime group that is picking up pace in 2022.

Since May 2022, there have been more than 89 cases of high-profile organisations who were extorted by the Black Basta gang, with the US, Germany and UK making up the top three targeted countries. According to reports, the group demanded millions of dollars as a ransom fee.

Recent findings from Check Point Research found that 1 out of 40 organisations worldwide were impacted on a weekly average by ransomware attacks in 2022. This constitutes a worrying 59% increase over the past year.

Muhammad Yahya Patel, Security Engineer at Check Point said: “While it is still in its relative infancy, Black Basta poses a significant threat to organisations of all sizes. They are a sophisticated group with an almost unnoticeable delivery, capable of crippling a business by holding valuable data ransom for huge sums of money.

“The best advice is to prioritise deployment of anti-ransomware technology on all endpoints. Have a robust data backup solution which shouldn’t be connected to the same network. Always use up to date software and security patches, prevent email attachments and files being downloaded without scanning the contents first and provide comprehensive cyber awareness training for every employee. By taking these steps you can reduce risk and remain secure against highly organised cybercrime gangs.”

The Check Point Incident Response Team conducted technical research into the attack methods applied by Black Basta, paying special attention to the delivery stage where the main preparations for ransomware execution are made. Not only is the ransomware itself engineered to inflict maximum damage in the least time possible, but the delivery stage is also stealthy, sophisticated and effective. Black Basta knows without a doubt that the environment is safe and has a clean shot to perform the encryption.

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