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Cellebrite Enhances Evidence & Workflow Management Tech with NEW Capabilities

July 2023 by Marc Jacob

As investigators, examiners, and attorneys across the justice system
face increasing pressure to remain one step ahead of criminal offenders,
the need for confident, seamless end-to-end storage, management, and
reporting of digital data has never been greater. The FBI, DOJ, state
and local departments in every jurisdiction, and enterprise companies
have long trusted Cellebrite to help them accelerate discovery, deliver
just verdicts, and prevent false convictions.  

To that end, Cellebrite has announced new capabilities for Cellebrite
Guardian, a leading evidence and workflow management solution for law
enforcement agencies of all sizes. Cellebrite Guardian securely and
transparently streamlines investigative digital forensic processes,
enabling greater efficiency for law enforcement and investigative teams
at scale, increasing case resolution and creating a verifiable chain of
custody for sharing digital evidence among examiners, investigators and

Among the most impactful new advantages is “Simple Upload”, a
swift, intuitive, drag-and-drop uploader that allows investigators to
quickly upload and share evidence with any stakeholder in an easy
two-step process. The capability can significantly trim the
investigative process from potentially weeks with traditional methods to
mere minutes. Further leveraging "Smart Upload,” forensic teams can
also simultaneously load multiple, large files in one step.

The new “Quick Share” permissions save additional crucial time by
connecting new and existing stakeholders, securely and intuitively.
“Quick Share” also allows for inter-agency sharing, where users
across agencies can connect to the same portal.

The new Guardian features deliver faster time to evidence, by removing
the need for thumb drives or other physical media, to less than an hour
for uploading and sharing. Plus, the new features remove hardware costs
and duplication of data, maintaining the chain of custody and
transparency with a full audit trail, both for physical and digital

In addition to enhancements in the sharing and review of evidence,
Guardian’s new features include the ability to:

* Tag events directly in the UFDR allowing users to view and manage
tags in support of collaborated and connected investigations.
* Generate and share relevant reports within the review process.

These features work together, alongside the entire Cellebrite
portfolio, to ensure secure, compliant, and scalable data management
solution as investigative teams build their cases in pursuit of justice.

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