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Cassidian Showcases Cyber Security and Cryptography Technology at InfoSec 2011

April 2011 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Defence and security experts Cassidian will this week be unveiling a number of innovative technology solutions that are ‘world firsts’ in the fields of cyber crime and cryptograph at this year’s InfoSec 2011.

Head of Cyber Security at Cassidian Andrew Beckett will be showcasing the technology and talking about the current challenges in the area of cyber security and cryptography.

Andrew has worked at the highest level with GCHQ, the Royal Family and the Prime Minister’s Office before joining Cassidian as its head of cyber security to spearhead the company’s efforts to break new ground in this ever evolving area of security.

New innovations on show at the Cassidian stand include:

- Ectocryp Blue – world’s first remotely operated cryptographic device that can transfer information classed as TOP SECRET rapidly and securely over public networks minimising the threat of cyber attacks

- HOTSim Cyber Security Simulated security training – Cassidian is the first to offer UK defence, security and public sector organisations computer network training courses which simulate their own network environment to allow operators to combat cyber attacks.

- TOFINO – world’s first network security product to implement content inspection technology for industrial protocols. Winner of Frost and Sullivan award as product that best enhances customer value in the industrial automation and electronics industries.

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