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October 2017 by Marc Jacob

Contact details:
Charles d’AUMALE, co-founder Sales & Finance ( )
François GRATIOLET, co-founder Strategy & Marketing (
Christophe TERNAT, co founder r Technology & Operations ( )

Year of creation: 2017

Activities :
CYRATING is the first cybersecurity rating agency established in Europe. CYRATING evaluates the cybersecurity performance of organizations using objective and independent rating.

Description of your product for 2017 :
Our product CYRATING ORG is a service for private and public organisations. Through our web platform and according to the subscribed subscription, CYRATING users instantly access the ratings of their organization, their entities and / or their suppliers / partners, as well as their positioning in their industry. The details of their ratings and historical records are also given. Until the end of 2017, several experiments are carried out. The offering will be launched in early 2018 at the FIC.

Website address:

Services: Access to cybersecurity rating of an organization, its subsidiaries, and its suppliers or partners

CYRATING business model is a yearly subscription based on the number of ratings the customer wants to access. CYRATING is aimed at companies (large firms, SMEs, digital companies) and public organizations (national administrations, local authorities). Initially, CYRATING delivers its services in Europe. CYRATING will then deploy its services in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, and the Middle East.

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