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COSEC DOOR FMX: Door Controller with Multispectral Fingerprint Sensor

July 2019 by Pierre Kouliche

In the fast-paced evolution of technology, organizations have started adapting the biometric application systems for access control and time-attendance. Compared to the traditional biometric readers scanning a single layer of skin, multispectral biometric attendance system employs multi-layered reading. Matrix COSEC DOOR FMX is a high performance door controller with multispectral sensor technology. It reads surface as well as the subsurface of a finger producing more accurate image even when the finger surface features are distorted or difficult to read due to dirt, usage, age or environment. Powered by a high-speed processor, DOOR FMX is specifically engineered for high security applications including Defense, Airports, R&D Labs, Banks and industries such as Education, Mining, Construction and Heavy Manufacturing for their Access Control and Time-Attendance needs.

Multispectral Sensor with Fingerprint Detection
• Supports Fingerprint, RFID Card and PIN
• Interactive GUI with 4.3’’ TFT Capacitive Touch Screen
• 5,00,000 Transactions and 50,000 Users
• PoE, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G
• Seamless Integration with Third Party Devices

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