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COMMENT: IBM finds security AI and automation may drastically cut cost of data breaches

July 2023 by Andy Robertson, Head of Fujitsu Cyber Security, Fujitsu UK&I

IBM’s latest Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023 found that the cost of a data breach is nearly halved for organisations that have integrated security AI and automation, but making this leap doesn’t just make financial sake – it’s a practical step too.

The comments from Andy Roberson, Head of Enterprise and Cybersecurity Business, Fujitsu UK&I, about why this is and how businesses can best go about exploring ways to bring AI into their security portfolio – in short: don’t blindly follow the hype.

“Utilising AI isn’t just a cost-effective move to cut through the cyber security noise, it’s pragmatic too. We’re increasingly seeing AI being used by bad actors as a way to generate mass phishing emails and polymorphic malwares at speed - it’s time we fight fire with fire.

“Cybercriminals are increasingly adopting AI-driven tactics and security departments need to do the same, as it allows them to act faster and better predict potential vulnerabilities and attacks. Prevention is better than addressing breaches as they happen, and using AI levels the playing field for organisations.

“However, integrating any new technology – AI included – must be done in a considered way. The shiny promises of new tech may glitter with potential, but understanding the specific needs and goals of one’s enterprise is essential. It’s important to first consider two fundamental questions: what tools do we currently possess and what precisely are our objectives. Countless technologies come armed with the promise that they deliver the moon and the stars, but that simply isn’t the case. Conversations need to take place at a board level about an organisation’s ability to effectively leverage new security tools, or else they run the risk of spending time and money on an innovation they don’t have the capacity to use properly.”

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