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CELESTE announces the acquisition of Oceanet-Technology Group

juillet 2021 par Marc Jacob

CELESTE announces the acquisition of Oceanet-Technology group, operator of secured cloud services and reinforces its position as Internet access and infrastructures provider. This acquisition enables the French operator to enrich its cloud offers in order to better meet the needs in terms of outsourcing and security of businesses willing to host their data withing a secured and sovereign digital space.

The acquisition of Oceanet-Technology group on the 1st of July, supports the external growth strategy of CELESTE group and investments in optical fiber and the Cloud. With more than 25 years of expertise in outsourcing architecture, Oceanet-Technology, is a key player on the secured data hosting market in France and abroad.

With this acquisition, CELESTE strengthens its teams, its own Cloud Infrastructures and its culture of security. Its new premium, sovereign and eco-efficient offer, Le Cloud by CELESTE will thus benefit from additional expertise to meet professionals needs.

Oceanet-Technology which achieved a turnover of €24m in 2020 mainly provides public and private cloud offers as well as architecture, migration, disaster recovery plan, support and architectural audit services. As an ISO 27001 and Health Data Hosting certified, the company provides complete and effective solutions for the data security by leveraging its own Datacenters and its expertise in the public cloud.

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