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Bridging the gap between researchers and your security team: Kaspersky launches new service delivering first-hand cyberthreat insights on request

October 2021 by Kaspersky

With digitisation introducing a new degree of complexity across business functions and platforms, Kaspersky’s Ask the Analyst service will allow businesses to reach out to the company’s researchers for their opinions and guidance on cyberthreats and security issues. The programme will include malware sample analysis, malware family information or certain threat descriptions, requests for dark web intelligence or further information on published Kaspersky APT Intelligence Reports.

Every piece of security information – from what exactly cybercriminals are discussing on underground forums or how to protect against specific vulnerability exploitations – can be essential in helping to protecting organisations from advanced cyberthreats. While some organisations cannot discuss their findings with peers, as it is prohibited in 52% of businesses, it may be beneficial to consult with an industry professional.

To provide security analysts with tailored information and timely help, Kaspersky has launched the Kaspersky Ask the Analyst service. This new offering will help businesses to obtain more information on a threat, such as a description of a specific malware family, additional context for indicators of compromise (hashes, URLs, CnCs, etc.) or vulnerabilities. The service will also request dark web research to reveal what cybercriminals know about IP addresses, domain names, files, emails, or any details of incidents they are discussing. These reports will be delivered by the Kaspersky Security Services Team.

Most importantly, the service provides exclusive access to a core group of experts within Kaspersky with diverse specialisations, all through one point of contact and within a single license. The information is offered on a case-by-case basis. “We believe that human analysts are still the most valuable asset in any threat investigation. Tailored information about specific threats can be essential to protect organisations from advanced cyberthreats and can save a lot of time and resources for an organisation’s SOC team. Now we are proud to announce this new service that allows customers to tailor Kaspersky’s recognised threat research capabilities to the specific needs of their company.” – comments Alexander Liskin, Head of Anti-Malware Research at Kaspersky.

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