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Biometric: BioGuard launches new plateforms

November 2007 by Marc Jacob

BioGuard is a developer of innovative biometric platforms and solutions for a wide range of business, governmental, security and home applications.

Straightforward integration of multiple biometric platforms and fusion of multi-layer algorithms enable us to provide optimal civil ID; consumer ID; and access control and attendance solutions.

BioGuard’s state-of-the-art modules and systems, operating in stand-alone, networked or integrated configurations, serve federal, state and municipal bodies; financial and healthcare institutions; hotels; schools; airports; transportation operators; the high-tech and telecom industries; and many more.

High-end wireless physical
access control in networked and integrated configurations
Stand-alone application for up to 3,000 users
Separation between the sensor and the storage & processing unit for enhanced security    BioSafe™ _User-friendly, mid-range time and attendance system and access control units
Unique software integration into a variety of OEM hardware platforms   BioZ™
Logical authentication
solution for consumer and enterprise applications on portable USB devices
Convenient, secure access to portable applications on-the-go: sensitive log-ons, passwords, web links, documents and more   Advanced security and monitoring solution for the automotive industry Fleet management incorporating fingerprint recognition integrated into telematic infrastructures Immobilization, GSM and GPS interfaces    CarGuard™
Developed specifically for medium and large enterprise applications
Provides both physical and logical access solutions using multiple recognition methods
Database capacity: up to 120,000 users
Supports up to 8 USB–based readers     BioID-Server™
Powerful multi-factor authentication server providing identity management platforms for diverse applications, including e-government; border control; banking and financial services; healthcare; enterprises; and membership clubs
Integrates multiple matching engines: Fingerprint recognition; palm vein geometry; facial recognition; voice recognition; and iris recognition
Performs 600,000 fingerprint matches/second per processor    BioNet™
Multifactor identification embedded solution
Multifactor identity management platform
BioGuard’s Innovative Solutions

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