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Banco Neon selects Gemalto to deliver Visa Quick Read card

November 2016 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Gemalto was selected by Banco Neon, a millennial-targeting smartphone-based Brazilian bank to deliver innovative Visa Quick Read debit cards to its customers. Neon is the first to issue a card with this new, friendly format in Brazil.

Gemalto’s one-of-a-kind Visa Quick Read design for Banco Neon leverages a striking bright blue PVC card, serigraphy lettering and image that appears whenever there is UV light, an attractive hologram, camouflaged magnetic stripe and a colorful signature panel on the back. The Visa Quick Read design provides essential purchasing information on the front of the card. Customers enroll for a new account via a mobile app that uses document verification, facial recognition and biometric fingerprint ID for authentication, mechanisms that contribute for the security of the enrollment process.

"We trusted Gemalto to quickly design and deliver an appealing Visa Quick Read debit card for our customers, a group that demands secure mobile banking solutions to support their digital lifestyle," said Pedro Conrade, CEO of Neon. "Within the first 48 hours of offering the new Visa Quick Read debit card, Banco Neon received more than 5,000 requests for new accounts and we expect to deliver more than 100,000 new cards by the end of 2016."

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