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BakBone Helps Managed Service Provider NEH Expand Portfolio

October 2010 by Marc Jacob

BakBone Software® announced that Dutch Managed Service Provider NEH Group is using BakBone NetVault: SmartDisk and NetVault: Backup to deduplicate and protect 80 terabytes of data. The solutions were chosen because of their features, reliability and flexibility, which have allowed NEH to expand its service portfolio and become more competitive. BakBone’s technology has also enabled the MSP’s team to increase productivity by letting it easily and quickly back up large volumes of data in a multi-tenant environment, so that individual customers’ data can now be restored, making the process much faster.

“Losing our customers’ data would mean losing our customers’ trust and we simply cannot take that risk, especially at a time when we are planning to further expand our services,” said Jan Pieter Cleveringa, CEO at the NEH Group.

The majority of NEH’s customers only have one or two employees responsible for their respective IT infrastructures, and in most cases IT is only a small part of these individuals’ job description. This is one of the reasons why these end users have outsourced their datacentres to NEH. For the MSP this meant that a strong backup solution was required, one that would ensure that all this information would be safe in case of primary storage data loss and available 24/7/365. This is when NEH, a BakBone user since 2004, decided to look for a data protection solution suitable to the new requirements.

Today NEH’s IT infrastructure is spread across two datacentres and the combination of NetVault: SmartDisk and NetVault: Backup lets it perform deduplicated backups without distracting its administrators from strategic initiatives. NetVault: SmartDisk can help the MSP pack up to 12 times more protected data into the same storage area, a 92% reduction in storage footprint.

“We also had the experience of CA, CommVault and Microsoft, but in the end we were faced with the evidence that NetVault: Backup was the most suited product to our brief, especially because of its tight integration with NetVault: SmartDisk,” said Michiel Dankbaar, Sales Manager at the NEH Group. “And as BakBone develops new tools and functionalities with the same look and feel we will be able to develop additional services and grow without spending too much time and resources on training.”

The migration deadline proved no problem for BakBone’s team and following a smooth and quick installation of NetVault: Backup and NetVault: SmartDisk, NEH is now deploying NetVault: FASTRecover and BakBone archiving technologies in order to develop new services for its clients.

“The service provider market is growing rapidly because it allows users to run applications without the need to purchase, maintain or upgrade them. On one hand this reduces costs and makes deployments faster, on the other it has opened up a huge market, that of smaller end users who could not afford to buy the products outright,” said Adrian Moir, technical director, BakBone Software. “NEH is a prime example of a service provider that has spotted an opportunity for growth and BakBone is allowing it to take this opportunity with both hands by reassuring its customers that their data is safe with NEH.”

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