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BA Data Breach - 8MAN Comment

September 2018 by Simon Cuthbert, Head of International, 8MAN by Protected Networks

In light of the news today that BA has suffered a data breach, the comment below from Simon Cuthbert, Head of International, 8MAN by Protected Networks.

"The BA breach is yet another example of a multinational company being completely unprepared in how to actually respond to such a major breach in security. It is not so much the breach itself, threat vectors change all the time and we are always playing catch up with the ‘bad guys’ so ultimately yes, breaches will occur.

The issue here is how BA has handled the initial response to its customers, I being one of them. The email received was not well written, nor did it give me as a customer any comfort in the actions they claim to have taken. I am sure I am not alone in reading the email as ‘Oops, someone broke in and stole your personal information, but oh well, we will try to stop it happening again. Go and speak to your bank, they know what to do!’ This should be seen as a warning that no business, large, or small, is exempt from being a target to hackers, and they should ensure they have the necessary strategies in place, not just to protect from the risk of a breach, but also in how to handle one should it occur."

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