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Australia comes under comprehensive, ‘state-sponsored’ cyber attack, LogRhythm comments

June 2020 by Martin Landless, Vice President for Europe at LogRhythm

Today, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the country is under sustained and sophisticated ‘state-sponsored’ cyberattack that is targeting all levels of government, essential services and business. The attacks have been happening for over a month and are increasing in tandem with a worldwide increase in cyberthreat activity. Martin Landless, Vice President for Europe at LogRhythm comments below:

“As cyberthreat actors evolve and gain sophistication, many governments including in Australia have recognised this and are taking steps to address the situation For a start, kudos to the Australian administration for openly communicating the recent attacks. It’s encouraging to see that the relevant authorities are monitoring this closely and have the necessary visibility. Cyberattacks are the most used method to root out and steal intellectual property and other valuable or sensitive information. You cannot stop these attacks from occurring, so having comprehensive visibility across the IT networks for all agencies is critical to enable rapid detection, response and neutralisation of threats."

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