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An Only European Company Named Product and Innovation Leader in KuppingerCole’s “Leadership Compass Report for Secure Information Sharing”

September 2015 by Marc Jacob

A growing young European company has been named Product and Innovation Leader by KuppingerCole in its recently released Leadership Compass Report on Secure Information Sharing. Prot-On has also been qualified in the report as “Strong Potential” and “Hidden Gem” in the Market/Product and Market/Innovation analysis categories.

All companies and institutions have an increasing need to share confidential information with partners, clients, patients, auditors and service providers using many communication channels. Today, more than 90% of companies share confidential information without applying proper protection mechanisms. Doing so, they face significant risks associated with potential data breaches, loss of intellectual property and regulation compliance. The Leadership Compass Report on Secure Information Sharing document provides advice for selection of Secure Information Sharing technologies, a field that is already perceived as one of the most relevant countermeasures to protect businesses from information theft.

“Prot-On offers a cloud-based solution providing complete control over data at rest, in-motion and in-use with a custom-designed key management solution” wrote Graham Williamson, Senior Analyst at KuppingerCole. ”Prot-On demonstrate innovation in their user interface and easy control of document permissions by users”.

“Prot-On is honored to be considered a Leader in KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass for Secure Information Sharing,” said Oscar Maire-Richard, Prot-On CEO. “As a fast growing startup we appreciate the recognition and evaluation of our product quality, innovation and growth potential. We are glad to be ahead of most solutions in this market and be the only European company in that position”.

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