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Alation Launches Connected Sheets for Snowflake

June 2023 by Marc Jacob

Alation, Inc. announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023, the launch of Alation Connected Sheets for Snowflake. This product enables users to access governed, trusted, and up-to-date data in Snowflake directly from Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Spreadsheets remain the most popular data analytics tool in use, with 78 million users worldwide¹ using the tool every day. Spreadsheets are also some of the most error-prone analytics tools, as 90% of spreadsheets contain errors due to incorrect or out-of-date data. These data quality issues can have significant negative impacts on the decision-making that such spreadsheets support.

With Alation Connected Sheets for Snowflake, business users can now instantly find, understand, and trust the data they need – without leaving their spreadsheet. This product enables business users to access Snowflake source data directly from the spreadsheets in which they work without the need to understand SQL or rely on central data teams. Alation Connected Sheets also enable data governance teams to set access policies on which users can access various data objects.

Alation Connected Sheets for Snowflake helps users:

Deliver stronger data governance: Data management teams can set fine-grained policies to manage which users have access to which data sets.
Democratize access to data: Users can quickly find, select, and filter datasets and SQL queries to import into the spreadsheet – without code, manual data entry, or relying on technical resources.
Ensure analysis remains up to date: Users can maintain spreadsheet accuracy with automatic-refresh data scheduling.
Share data connections: Save time by connecting to Snowflake once and allowing the team to refresh reports with the same secure connection; this eliminates redundant query loads and reduces costs.

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