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Airbus Defence and Space launches cyber sensor to combat advanced persistent threats

June 2015 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Airbus Defence and Space will be presenting Keelback Net, a sensor for combating Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), at the 20th Infosecurity exhibition.

The sensor continuously monitors traffic flows, therefore enabling early detection and investigation of suspect behaviour on company networks, and in particular “weak signals”, which are stealthy and therefore impossible to spot through classical detection means. One of the key advantages of Keelback Net is the combination of multiple analysis methods and capabilities in a single sensor. This innovative approach means that threats can be detected more rapidly and larger amounts of data processed.

When deployed on the customer’s network environment, Keelback Net constantly monitors data traffic, identifies and detects threats, analyses stealthy characteristic signs of a malware and instantly raises an alarm if an attack is suspected. The alarm is immediately qualified by Airbus Defence and Space experts using a continually updated knowledge database. It is then handled in accordance with notification and response scenarios established in close cooperation with the customer.

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