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Agata and Adax Partner in DPI Probe Solution for Network Intelligence

November 2013 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Adax announces a new partnership with communications and networking specialist Agata Solutions.

Agata have integrated their Packet Processing Software (AG-PPS) with the Adax Pkt2-PCIe, an intelligent Cavium-based Packet Processing Controller to produce the Agata DPI Probe (AGCIs) product. DPI probes are a solution for network security, monitoring and surveillance, web filtering, traffic enforcement, cyber security, content management, policy enforcement, network intelligence and other Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-based networking applications.

The Agata DPI probe and Packet Processing software is available now integrated with the Adax Pkt2-PCIe boards and can be used as building blocks for a wide range of applications for security detection and protection for example to defend against Denial of Service attacks, traffic redirection according to the demands of specific applications, and traffic modification for example to enable ad insertion. The Adax Pkt2-PCIe boards use the Cavium Octeon II processors and provide front-end intelligent processing, delivering line speed packet processing for these demanding telecom applications across a range of rack mount servers. These building blocks enable fast and effective integration with vendor’s applications from small enterprise networks to Tier 1 service providers from 1-20 Gbps. Further expansion beyond 20 Gbps is possible with multiple Pkt2-PCIe cards, guaranteeing future scalability.

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