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AFCDP: Access Right Index 2010

January 2010 by AFCDP

Following French “Informatique et Libertes” Law, an individual may request that an entity that holds personal data about him, share that personal data with him. After a request is made, the entity has two months to provide full information to the person who made the request, free of charge. In certain circumstances, the individual may then request that the personal information be deleted or that it be brought up to date.

The Association Francaise des Correspondants a la protection des Donnees a caractere Personnel, also known as the French Association of Data Protection Officers (AFCDP), is pleased to publish on 28 January 2010, Data Privacy Day, the AFCDP’s first “Access Right Index”

Intended to help French entities, both private and governmental, prepare themselves to respond to these information requests and to help educate individuals about their rights, the Index will provide some insight into the manner in which entities are currently complying with the law.

To complete the study, access to personal data requests were sent to a panel of more than 200 French entities. In the Index, the AFCDP indicates which sectors were the best and worst in terms of compliance, and also provides anonymous, real examples of wrongdoing and guidance as to best practices.

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