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200 million US voters’ data leaked - Commentary

June 2017 by Michael Clifford, MD at Reliance acsn

Following the news that sensitive personal details relating to almost 200 million US citizens have been accidentally exposed by a marketing firm contracted by the Republican National Committee, the commentary from Michael Clifford, MD at security experts Reliance acsn which is hopefully of use to you for any articles you’re planning on writing.

The fact that a marketing company left such a huge amount of personal data on a public and easily accessible Amazon cloud is unforgivable. The data was far more than simply names and emails, but information on US citizens’ political beliefs and opinions which everyone is entitled to keep private. This incident highlights the fact that valuable data extends far beyond financials, and organisations need to keep critical data fully secure. This data should never have been placed on a public cloud with no additional security measures in place. Businesses need to take responsibility for the private data that they keep, ensuring they know exactly where it’s stored, how it’s kept and who has access to it – otherwise we will continue to see incidents like this continuing to happen

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