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12 - 13 Décember: IT Women Leadership Summit 2007

November 2007 by Frédéric Donnette, Global Security Mag

NASSCOM IT Women Leadership Summit 2007 is back in the second year. Last year saw luminaries from a cross section of industries speak about the much-referred Glass Ceiling, importance of networking and why successful enterprises have more women leaders. Success stories of 3 of the companies were also charted out, where women were at the forefront. Besides this, the event also had a panel discussion on Emerging Women Leadership in India.

The NASSCOM IT Women Leadership Summit examines the drivers for gender diversity at every level of enterprises. Factors such as the acute talent shortage the industry faces today, the different abilities and perspectives that women bring into their workplace, and the cultural factors impacting women aspiring for top leadership roles, will be discussed by thought leaders, including some of the most successful and well-known women entrepreneurs and leaders from India and abroad.

This year the Summit will highlight the Policies and Best Practices that would promote diversity in the IT-BPO workforce; what are the strategies for creating more women leaders; why successful enterprises create and support women’s networks; how aspiring women leaders can equip themselves to reach the corner suites. At the NASSCOM IT Women’s Leadership Summit you can:

* Listen to successful women CXOs share their experiences on what defines success and the skill sets required for success.
* Hear the NASSCOM-IIMA study findings on women in IT in India.
* Be guests at a glittering award ceremony for the IT companies who have shown excellence in promoting women’s participation and learn the innovative initiatives undertaken by them.
* Interact with high profile CEOs on their views about having women at the top.
* Know why it makes more business sense for companies to have more gender inclusive policies.
* Participate with men and women managers in exchanging perspectives on these issues.
* Enhance your leadership qualities at a skill-building workshop.
* Become a proactive member of WIL-IT, a networking platform for IT Women Leaders.

Objectives of the NASSCOM IT Women Leadership Summit

* Sensitize senior management and policy makers in the IT and ITES industry on the importance of diversity and gender-friendly policies to retain and develop women for management roles
* Share insights on how global companies in IT and other related industries have benefited by having more women leaders in their organizations.
* Create a platform to allow women leaders to share their experiences of what it takes to reach the top.
* Equip women managers with insights on leadership skills, how to leverage their potential and work towards their career goals.
* Showcase successful examples of the NASSCOM gender diversity awards that will be announced at the summit.


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