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eSIM management platform AirOn by G+D Mobile Security supports Deutsche Telekom’s nuSIM

February 2019 by Marc Jacob

Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security’s AirOn eSIM management platform now also meets the latest requirements in terms of management, security and connectivity in the IoT environment. The solution and service portfolio ranges from secure data provisioning in innovative NarrowBand (NB) IoT environments to the support of new SIM technologies, in particular the recently announced nuSIM by Deutsche Telekom.

With its GSMA-compliant eSIM management platform AirOn, Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) Mobile Security offers the market-leading solution for secure eSIM lifecycle management on mobile devices ¬ regardless of the technology used, be it an eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) or iUICC (Integrated Universal Integrated Circuit Card). The AirOn service also supports Deutsche Telekom’s new nuSIM technology for NB-IoT. nuSIM is an integrated SIM solution developed by Deutsche Telekom together with well-known manufacturers of IoT chips and modules. The functionality of a classic SIM are implemented directly in the chipset. G+D Mobile Security is Deutsche Telekom’s cooperation partner for digital security in this context. The new solution is designed to deliver maximum interoperability and is open for use by all interested companies such as network operators or OEMs. The aim of Deutsche Telekom and its partner network is to establish an innovative and expanded IoT ecosystem.

Through Deutsche Telekom’s partnership with G+D Mobile Security, nuSIM users, such as IoT device manufacturers, can directly benefit from the advantages of the AirOn service in their production lines: from the provision of subscriptions through connectivity integration to profile transfer to the individual IoT devices.

NB-IoT technology, which enables the transmission of small amounts of data via narrowband communication, is generally regarded as the future standard in the IoT sector alongside 5G. NB-IoT offers clear advantages: from lower costs and lower energy consumption to better network coverage in buildings. With these features, NB-IoT will make a significant contribution to IoT proliferation and increased usage. Potential areas of application range from smart metering and smart buildings to smart cities. G+D Mobile Security offers complete solutions for IoT security in all of these areas.

G+D Mobile Security¹s AirOn eSIM management service for nuSIM-based devices will be available for the nuSIM market launch announced by Deutsche Telekom in the second half of 2019.

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