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PCAP Inspector now available

novembre 2018 par Marc Jacob

PCAP Inspector, the tool for the analysis and visualization of huge amounts of network captures for those in charge of network monitoring.

PCAP Inspector aims at facilitating the monitoring, investigation and analysis of incidents occurring on IT and industrial networks.

With its intuitive interface and many advanced functionalities capable of visualizing and investigating instantaneously huge volumes of packet captures (up to 2 billion), PCAP Inspector stands out as a complementary tool to Wireshark. It makes the detection of anomalies easy and optimizes the uptime and the performance of your equipment. Out of troubleshooting and threat detection purposes, it also proves to be very useful for network forensics and Cyber hunting purposes.

It is now available both on any Linux distribution and on Windows 10 to serve the needs of a greater audience.

It is available for free trial on :

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