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Opinion: Russian integrator & Distributor SYSSOFT

March 2017 by Marc Jacob

Information Security Magazine by InfoSecurity Russia met with Yakov Grodzensky, Head of Information Security Products Department at "Syssoft", one of the leading system integrators and distributors on the Russian market. Yakov spoke on some trends & insights of the Russian information security market and shed some light on the problem of becoming key player of the market in fast changing conditions.

Yakov shares some updates on current market & competitive situation and highlights solutions in highest demand now. Read more

"I should say that information security is the sphere where, in my opinion, Russian developers have great chances to compete with Western providers, and in some cases - this has already happened".

Has the import substitution policy affected the choice of the end consumer? What are the key trends of the Russian market? Can the local vendors compete with the global players and giants?

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