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New KuppingerCole Leadership Enterprise Single Sign-On – a decision-support tool help selecting the right Enterprise Single Sign-On vendor

January 2014 by Marc Jacob

Overview and decision-making tool in one: the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Enterprise Single Sign-On offers a comprehensive overview of the many Enterprise Single Sign-On solution providers in the market.

The Leadership Compass shows that Enterprise Single Sign-On is a rather mature market. Especially in the areas of Product Leadership and Innovation Leadership, many vendors are leading-edge and competing head-to-head. This is good news for customers, allowing them to choose from a range of mature products that suit their needs. As always, however, it is about the details. Some solutions offer specific features that are relevant to specific use cases, such as unlocking multiple systems for traders in the finance industry or in control rooms. Thus when selecting vendors, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly look at support for the more specific use cases – that is where even the Leaders differentiate significantly. In fact, there are no weak vendors in that analysis. All of the vendors show particular strength and provide a good foundation for addressing the E-SSO challenges of organizations.

There can be no question that selecting the right Enterprise Single Sign-On product requires extensive prior analysis of the specific initial situation. To support this process, KuppingerCole´s Leadership Compass offers an overview of the providers of Enterprise Single Sign-On solutions, among which KuppingerCole distinguishes between “Leaders” in four categories:

“Product Leaders” are characterized by outstanding products that significantly exceed the expectations in this market segment. “Market Leaders” boast a broad, international customer base with a stable and organically evolved partner structure.

“Innovation Leaders” provide innovations and leading-edge product ideas that are expected to bring new possibilities to this market segment. “Overall Leaders” combine strengths in all three categories based on the strengths of the product they offer, their market presence and the vendor´s product innovations.

In all four categories, KuppingerCole distinguishes between Leaders, Challengers and Followers. While the Leaders are classified according to the criteria listed above, the Challengers are expected by KuppingerCole to steadily develop and expand the existing strengths of the products they offer. The Followers group contains companies where there is still room for development in several areas.

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