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Ixia launches a testing solution for virtualized Data Centers

April 2009 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Ixia announced its expansion into virtual network and virtualization testing.

With Ixia’s new suite of IxVM products, it is now possible to test layer 2/3 virtual network resources and layer 4-7 virtual applications. IxChariot VM, a component of IxVM, uses software endpoints that send and receive test traffic, while measuring performance. This makes it possible to source traffic from virtual servers in the same manner as the supported applications. IxExplorer VM uses software endpoints to generate layer 2/3 traffic to test features such as VLAN and QoS.

IxVM allows:

- performance testing of thousands of VMs simultaneously with real world application traffic
- independent measurement and convergence testing of VM migration
- tuning of virtual resources such as servers and NICs
- measurement of key performance indicators like delay, jitter or packet loss through virtual switches
- testing of network performance variances when running applications over different operating systems

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