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InfoWatch Device Monitor Protects your Data from Unauthorized Copying and Printing

January 2010 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

InfoWatch announced the market availability of their InfoWatch Device Monitor product. InfoWatch Device Monitor, targeted at enterprise and SMB market, protects confidential information from unauthorized copying to removable mass-storage devices and printing.

Unauthorized data copying to removable storage devices and printing has developed to a serious security threat. According to InfoWatch research, about 48 per cent of the registered data leakage accidents in 2009 happened while using portable devices (like laptops), removable storage devices (like flash-drives, etc.) and printing documents.

InfoWatch Device Monitor addresses these security threats, by demarcating user access rights to corporate network resources and communication ports of their workstations according to internal security policies. The product controls data copying to USB-, LTP- or COM-port connected removable storage devices, CD/DVD drives, wireless protocol (IRDA, Bluetooth, etc.) connected devices, mobile handsets with WinMobile or Palm OS and documents printing. The newly released InfoWatch Device Monitor features creation of “safe” lists of devices allowed for a specific user or user group. Access to the devices from the “safe” list is always granted. The product supports MS Windows 7.

InfoWatch Device Monitor can be used as a standalone product, or as a part of a complex data leakage prevention solution – InfoWatch Traffic Monitor. These products combined with the encryption system – InfoWatch CryptoStorage – give corporations full control over their confidential information turnover, protecting all information channels: corporate e-mail systems, Internet-mail, forums, chats, IMs, removable storage devices, local and network printers.

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