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ImmuniWeb® Web Security Assessment SaaS is certified CVE and CWE Compatible

July 2013 by Marc Jacob

High-Tech Bridge SA according to Frost & Sullivan’s Ethical Hacking Market Research in 2012, is pleased to announce that its innovative web application security assessment SaaS solution ImmuniWeb® has successfully obtained CVE and CWE Compatibility certifications from MITRE.

ImmuniWeb® is a unique hybrid of advanced web vulnerabilities scanning combined with manual penetration testing in parallel, distributed as a Software-as-a-Service solution. ImmuniWeb® enables one to assess his or her website security in a fast, reliable, accurate and cost-affordable manner. ImmuniWeb® Portal is a web platform from which customer can manage security assessment process from A to Z, as well as to receive assessment report in a secure manner. It enables even SMBs and private persons who are not familiar with information security to order security assessment of their website in less than 15 minutes.

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