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ESET’s advice for Internet Explorer users

April 2014 by ESET

In light of the recent news about a vulnerability in Internet Explorer, ESET’s David Harley has offered three pieces of advice to affected users.

David Harley, senior research fellow, ESET:

“Firstly, don’t panic. The known attacks at present are limited in scope and volume. Being reasonably careful about which sites you visit is in itself likely to reduce the risk. On the other hand, users shouldn’t lapse into complacency.

Setting IE Active Scripting and ActiveX to prompt can be mildly irritating for a user, but it does seems to reduce the attack surface if you actually disallow it on prompt, unless you know you need it, or try disabling it altogether.

The simplest route is to set IE security levels to ‘high’, or use Enhanced Protected Mode in IE versions that support it. As a way of generally decreasing the attack surface on an unsupported OS, Windows XP users should already be setting IE security level to ‘high’.”

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