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DDC AS launches RiskView

June 2018 by Thomas VEIL

DDC AS launches RiskView, a simple and easy-to-install software solution that scans an organisations entire data estate to locate non-compliant data.

Designed to deliver a high-speed search, with built-in intelligence, RiskView performs a meticulous scan on data estates to discover any files that may contain sensitive data, helping organisations to take action towards becoming compliant.

RiskView quickly uncovers the GDPR and compliancy exposure of an organisation, which are notoriously difficult to discover within unmanageable amounts of unstructured data. This allows businesses to better understand their position related to data regulations; whilst radically reducing time manually searching for data, and ultimately saving money.

The AI driven, personal identifiable data (PID) extractor algorithm analyses data stored within servers and local devices without any additional configuration, providing immediate results. The pioneering technology also includes optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which allows image files to be examined and covers .pst files in detail, allowing businesses to identify the precise email that contains the risk.

The technology driven assessments and powerful dashboard provides critical information needed to form an on-going compliance strategy and is fully adaptable for a small project or companywide.

RiskView also has the capability for further analysis through the Payment Card Industry (PCI), Security and Intellectual Property Loss modules, which deliver critical insights into latent issues across businesses – making it ideal for organisations to quickly detect non-compliant data over a number of risk policies.

RiskView can easily be customised to offer tailored searches for key business phrases, enabling its dashboard to indicate any risk of intellectual property loss. The search feature also supports subject access requests and right to be forgotten requests, the technology enables data to be found easily, allowing businesses to quickly and efficiently respond.

Potential breaches may also occur to a business either internally or externally, which is why RiskView produces endpoint defence risk reports supporting and flagging possible PCI and IP loss. This support is reinforced by providing evidence-based reports to assist with breach notifications.

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