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CARTES 2013 dévoile les 11 lauréats des Trophées SESAMES

novembre 2013 par Marc Jacob

Organisés dans le cadre de CARTES Secure Connexions Event, les Trophées SESAMES récompensent depuis 1995 les meilleures innovations technologiques des secteurs de la carte à puce, de la sécurité numérique, de l’identification, des transactions sécurisées et du sans contact. Les produits finalistes seront exposés au cœur du salon CARTES.

Découvrez les 11 lauréats :


· Gemalto M2M GmbH : “M2M Technology to protect Amazon Rainforest”

Cargo Track and Gemalto have teamed up to protect Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest with M2M technology. This solution shows embedded connectivity and intelligence being applied to preserve one of Brazil’s most precious resources.


· Giesecke & Devrient : “TEE-TSM and Trusted Execution Environment end-to-end Ecosystem”

The TEE and TSM remote management allows on-demand deployment, lifecycle management and execution of TEE secured apps on smart connected devices.

Identification / Cartes ID / Santé

· Infineon Technologies : “High Speed ePassport with Very High Bitrates and Secure”

The solution is an e-passport enabled with Very High Bitrates and specification to store eVisa, entry/exit stamps and biometric data.

IT Security

· CipherCloud : “CipherCloud Platform”

CipherCloud delivers an open platform with comprehensive security controls including military grade encryption, tokenization, data loss prevention, malware protection and activity monitoring. It enables organizations to securely adopt cloud applications by eliminating the risks to data privacy, residency, security and regulatory compliance.


· Card4B Systems S.A : “WildCard Ticketing Kernel”

Ticketing Kernel is an interoperability modular middleware, multi terminal and operating-system, which provides business rules to support multi card-schema, embedded into any terminal or online behind a web service for web or mobile apps.

Banque / Commerce / Fidélité

· Airtag : “Airshop Order”

AIRSHOP Order is a multi-channel white label mobile wallet for ordering and payment. Including a selection of feature modules brands can easily customize their offering with loyalty & couponing. AIRSHOP also includes a web interface for managing product availability and reporting tools for tracking consumer purchasing behavior in real time.

Internet sécurisé/ Authentification

· Oberthur Technologies : “My voice is my password”

“My voice is my password” is an end-to-end solution which ease and secure the online or mobile customer experience. It includes a voice pattern stored in the SIM and a mobile application in the mobile phone.


· Think&Go NFC : “NFC-Shopping”

NFC-Shopping allows consumers to use NFC phones to make a complete shopping process from adding items to basket to checking out. Includes couponing, promotions, loyalty points, alerts according to personal preferences.


· SCCP Group : “Swiff mWallet”

Swiff mWallet is a white label solution that provides merchants with advanced CRM and business intelligence tools. It provides enhanced customer experience with geo localization and targeted campaigns.

Production & tests

· Secure-IC S.A.S. : “Smart-SIC Analyser (TM), the "radar" tool of Secure-IC S.A.S.”

It is a disruptive test platform that checks the security of a design from its specification to its realization. It has been adopted worldwide, and as an open tool, it is evolving in parallel with the needs from our clients.


· Think&Go NFC : “Dynamic NFC-Screen”

The product is a specialized video screen which allows users to exchange information by just placing their NFC phone near the surface of the screen.

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