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Bittium SafeMove® secure connectivity software successfully implemented at GDE Trust in Worcestershire

March 2019 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Bittium SafeMove® secure connectivity software has been successfully implemented at Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust to ensure its 2000 community nurses with simple and secure remote access to critical clinical systems.

The Trust has about 2000 community care workers using both Windows and Android devices. These workers work outside the hospital environment and they require state-of-the-art security in their arsenal to protect the confidentiality of health data in motion and to defend against cyber threats. They also need tools to optimize connectivity of their devices. Bittium SafeMove® provides them with technology that is both secure and easy to use, thus making a perfect companion for agile mobile work. Using Bittium SafeMove® Analytics, the Trust can easily monitor actual usage of devices in the community; compare performance of Android against Windows devices; and identify ways to optimize network connectivity.

As Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust employs both Android and Windows devices within their fleet, SafeMove’s security and device management features across both device platforms are key for efficient mobile fleet management. Administrators have always up-to-date visibility on the devices and can ensure that latest security policies are always applied.

"Simplifying secure remote access to key clinical applications for our community team was a top priority. By reducing the number of steps to get connected and removing the need to enter complex tokens on mobile devices, Bittium SafeMove® has significantly improved the user experience. Our users now have secure, simple and reliable access to the Trust’s network when providing care in patients’ homes. This will translate to better patient outcomes, which, of course is our primary goal within Worcestershire Health and Care," says David Brown, Accociate Director of IT at Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust.

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